Lutor: Prophet

Set in the late 24th and early 25th Centuries, Lutor: Prophet of the New Age is the first book in the Xerses Chronicles trilogy.


Book 1: Lutor: Prophet of the New Age

The first volume covers the life story of Lutor, the first prophet of the New Age, from his early childhood to his untimely death. The story is penned 10 years after his demise by Queen Ariadne, Xerses II – his greatest ally.

It portrays the progress of human evolution, offering a window into the consequent friction and wars between the newer form of human, the Hoosens (Homo Sapiens Novus), who are replacing the outgoing species, the Hizzeys (Homo Sapiens Sapiens).

At the beginning of the New Age, Lutor is ordered to negotiate with, then when all options are exhausted, to eliminate the Hizzeys so that collectively the human race might evolve more quickly. Evolutionarily, the Hizzeys have reached the end of their productive life.

To aid his resetting of the evolutionary clock, Lutor is guided to find a lost power source from the distant past, which he turns into the most destructive weapon humankind has ever known.

The book concludes with Lutor in later life in his teaching role, and offers metaphysical and scientific examples from his teachings.

The story depicts Lutor as full of humanity, a man with normal wants and needs; fearful of his task, yet from somewhere he finds the courage to fulfil his destiny.