The Xerses Chronicles

“We are not here to mourn the past, we are here to build the future.”


In 2,351, Lutor: Prophet of the New Age, is born into an era of war and strife between the older form of humans, and the new.

With Queen Ariadne’s indispensable help, Lutor and his progeny transform the worlds in which they live.

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The Xerses Chronicles is a Mystical Science Fiction Trilogy

About the Series

The Trilogy is a multilayered snapshot of a momentous event – the birth of a new human The Eventspecies – and the arrival of its first prophet.

The series takes us through a major period of friction and battles between the older form of human – the Hizzeys – and the divergent Hoosens, during a period when stability is almost impossible to find.

Throughout each volume, information is presented on universal humanitarian, psychological, and  metaphysical  concepts. All books also contain a dedicated section largely presented in question and answer form between the protagonist, and his or her audience.

Volume I

Queen Ariadne in her mid thirties.

Lutor is prophet to a higher species of human. His mission begins in the late 24th century as he steers the new genus toward the New Age.

Unaware of his future role – he meets Queen Ariadne, Xerses II – who becomes his most ardent champion.

Lutor is guided to rectify humanity’s issues as the sun sets on one species, and rises on another. However, his activities rain destruction on the old species when he uses his powers to their full advantage.  Out of the havoc a new order is born…

Lutor’s life is presented as full of humanity in every sense of the word.

Volume II

Bodekka: Daughter of Lutor is the second book in the Xerses Chronicles series.

Introduced toward the end of Volume I Lutor: Prophet of the New Age, Bodekka is Lutor’s feisty illegitimate daughter. Her character is loosely based around the female warrior Queen Boudicca (formerly known as Boadicea), who died in approximately A.D. 60-61.

With humanity spiraling out of control, Bodekka discovers that she can only bring humankind back on course when she begins to utilize her full feminine powers.

Though a firm leader, she brings care and compassion back into her world.

She initiates several long-term projects that she will never see fulfilled in her own lifetime, but benefit humanity enormously in the longer term.

Bodekka’s story also forms a part of Volume III.

Volume III

Boas and Qila: The Twins – accompanied by their partners Sula and Pol (and their respective children Zac and Meghan) – travel to the nearer star systems in the Sirius sector, promoting their grandfather Lutor, and their mother Bodekka’s work.

Many colonists accept the way forward, others categorically refuse, so necessary corrective measures must be taken. The many hidden dangers almost cost them their lives. They also meet aliens, some of whom are vastly more spiritually advanced than humankind.

Zac and Meghan herald the beginning of the New Age. Their lives among the stars is unencumbered by the conditioning of others, ensuring they are as free thinking as it is as possible to be. They belong to the first generation of humans who do not call any single star system home.

Following the format in previous volumes, the twins offer further excerpts of their family’s humanitarian and mystical teachings.

 Praise for Lutor: Prophet of the New Age

“The deeper in to it, the better it gets.” – D.P.

“The work is thought-provoking, especially the further you delve into the book, and I really enjoyed it.” – E.T.

“Goodness, what an ambitious project and an enjoyable read.” – J.S.

“Enjoy the story with its eternal message; it will lift you Higher.” – S.B.

“The story just builds and builds.  If you wonder what the plot is similar to, for film you can think Dune, with a smattering of The Matrix.  In books, think of Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke mixed with a little Shikasta by Doris Lessing.”  – R.J.R.

 Praise for Bodekka: Daughter of Lutor

“The second book in the Xerses Chronicles, Bodekka: Daughter of Lutor is a worthy successor to the first. It is grand in scope, full of plot twists and exquisite detail.

While reading I was reminded of another series, the Dune books written by Frank Herbert; where humanity has taken up residence among the stars and all the old evils/demons have migrated with them.” – S.B.

Out now: Lutor: Prophet of the New Age and Bodekka: Daughter of Lutor in paperback and Kindle.


Please be aware that in order to convey the characters true to life, occasionally the language used in excerpts, or the books may be graphic in nature, and thus unsuitable for minors.


Julian Hadlow

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