Boas and Qila

Boas and Qila: The Twins, Volume III in the Xerses Chronicles Trilogy

Speaking before a young crowd on planet Mercurium in the Wolf 359 Star System, Boas raises a rapturous roar at an early evening meeting when he lifts both his hands and bellows:

“There will come a time when those who sneered at and derided others who cared about our worlds, and all they contain, will themselves be sneered at and derided!

“That time is now! This is our time!”

Bodekka passes the baton to her children Boas and Qila, who set out for the Sirius sector with their respective offspring Zac and Meghan. Many colonists accept the way forward, but some refuse.

Their mission is to give the outworlders a framework of understanding that enables them to care for their worlds, and in some cases, the existing indigenous populations. Their remit also encompasses bringing certain wayward colonies back into the fold. These efforts nearly cost them their lives. 

On an ancient moon in the depths of space, they discover an extinct civilization that once existed at the dawn of time, who have an important message for all of humanity, and encounter several alien species – including some who are well disposed toward their mission.

“When your soul cries out in desperation – you will have no scruples and no shame to get what you need.”


To conclude the series, the twin’s respective children Zac and Meghan understand what humanity is fully capable of. They lead the way to a brighter future, where all humans are free – as free as The Highest Impulse conceived them to be, at the origin of time.

“To see, and to know, and to be the Mind of The Highest Impulse Itself, and to do It’s bidding in everything we do…”