Boas and Qila

“There will come a time when those who sneered at and derided others, will themselves be looked down upon and mocked.

“Those who took without thought and concern for others and our environment, will be despised as profiteers and self-seekers.

“They were almost the ruination of humankind. History will not be kind to them.

“That time is now upon us! This is our time!”


This is Part Three of the Trilogy

Bodekka’s twins Boas and Qila figure in a small way at the end of the first volume, and to a much greater extent in the second as they mature. It is not until some time has passed that they come into their own in this, the third part of the Trilogy.


“When your soul cries out in desperation – then you will have no scruples, and no shame.”


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