Boas and Qila

Boas and Qila: The Twins is Volume III in the Xerses Chronicles Trilogy

Boas speaking before a young crowd on planet Mercurium in the Wolf 359 Star System raised a rapturous roar at an early evening meeting when he raised both his hands and bellowed:

“There will come a time when those who sneered at and derided others who cared about our worlds, and all they contain, will themselves be sneered at, and derided!

“That time is now! This is our time!”

Bodekka’s fraternal twins Boas and Qila feature in a small way toward the end of Volume I, Lutor: Prophet of the New Age, and to a much greater extent in Bodekka: Daughter of Lutor as they mature.

It is not until much time has passed that they come into their own in this, the third installment of the Xerses Chronicles Trilogy.

“When your soul cries out in desperation – you will have no scruples and no shame to get what you need.”


To conclude the series, their respective children Zac and Meghan understand what humanity is capable of. They lead the way to a brighter future, where all humans are free – as free as The Highest Impulse conceived them to be at the origin of time.

“To see, and to know, and to be the Mind of the Highest Impulse Itself, and to do It’s bidding in everything we do…”


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