Boas and Qila: The Twins – update!

Book III – “Boas and Qila: The Twins” is now at the editing stage. I’m predicting it to be a little over 400 pages, which is in the same ballpark as the two previous works.

To give you some idea of the continuation of the story, much water has passed under the bridge since the last volume “Bodekka: Daughter of Lutor.” Times have changed.

Lutor’s grandchildren Boas and Qila are spacefarers, travelling to the nearer star systems, promoting their grandfather’s work to the colonists there – some accepting, some definitely not so amenable!

Though not overtly searching for alien lifeforms, they come across several species. One or two turn out to be more intelligent than ourselves. Consequently, I have introduced an alien Master as well as several other species at various stages of their evolution.

One genus in particular lived at a crossroads of intergalactic energy fields, becoming extinct billions of years ago. However, they configured the beginnings of the universe, seeding life everywhere.

The twins find that a few species can teach us a thing or two, but are bound by their configuration or their environment, and thus are unable to travel in the conventional sense…